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About Us

Think of Dollbit as an upscale thrift store for your dolls. If you've been bit by the doll bug, and you're looking for bits and pieces of stuff for your collection, you've come to the right place.

We specialize in shoes, clothes, and accessories for plastic and vinyl fashion dolls from Dawn to Chatty Cathy size. We have both popular merchandise (Barbie) and really hard to find items for rare, unusual, or obscure dolls. We specialize in completer pieces, too -- we try to stock the sort of annoying missing bits that are so very hard to find.

What sets us apart from other sellers, besides our huge inventory?

No drama! You'll get calm, professional, responsive customer service. No games, period.

To the best of our ability, our items are accurately described. If we don't know who made it, we'll say so. If there are obvious flaws, we disclose them.

Our site is clear and easily navigated. If you can't find it, we can't sell it!

And we have lots and lots and lots of doll stuff. We're not kidding. Check us out!