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ID Mystery Dolly Bits and Win!

We are running a contest on our Facebook page to ID mystery doll bits! Identify something and win a $5 coupon good on

Visit our Facebook Page to play! 

New contest entries (almost) every day!

The rules:

(1) The prize is a $5 coupon, issued in the form of a coupon code. This coupon doesn't cover shipping, but we think our shipping costs are very reasonable. It is good for any listing on, but cannot be redeemed through our eBay, Pinterest or Facebook stores for technical reasons.

(2) If you use the coupon for an item that is worth less than $5, there's no change given or leftover funds.

(3) Coupons cannot be combined. One coupon per order.

(4) Coupons have a three month expiration date, and can only be used once. They cannot be redeemed for cash. Items purchased with a coupon cannot be returned for a cash refund. (A replacement coupon may be issued, at our discretion, in the case of a return.)

(5) International buyers, please note that I still legally have to report the actual value of the item on customs paperwork. You are responsible for any VAT, customs fees, or import duties.

(6) You must be specific, and must provide enough information for me to verify your ID. You must be reasonably specific. "Vintage Barbie shoes" would not be a sufficient ID, for example, but, "Those are Truly Scrumptious's pink pilgrims," would be good enough to win because there are only two Scrumptious dolls and the shoes are widely pictured in a number of places online. We reserve the right to determine what is a good enough ID to win.