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Vintage #3 Ponytail Barbie Brunette Brown Eyeliner -- TLC Project Doll

Vintage #3 Ponytail Barbie Brunette Brown Eyeliner -- TLC Project Doll

$ 499.00

This is a doll I had initially planned to keep for myself, but I kinda need the money for bills (urgent dental work, darn it!) so I have to list her. She is definitely a project doll, but she should turn out very nice in the end. Near-perfect original face paint!

Please see photos and read this description so you understand the issues she has (and her good points!) 

Her face paint is all original and is in superb condition. I found this doll in a thrift store in original condition, obviously never having been in the hands of a collector. (For those of you who know me on Facebook, yep, it's that doll.) 

Her hair was very matted. I have washed it and run a comb through it mostly to verify all the plugs were there and to figure out what I was dealing with. It took me six hours to work all the tangles out! It needs a lot more work but all her hair appears to be there! As is typical for vintage ponytails, her hair is of varying lengths. It is still quite frizzy and needs a bunch more work to make it look good, but this should be doable by someone with patience and skill. 

She has a very light brown mark on her right cheek and right temple and a couple tiny pinpoint stains (visible in the photos.) I briefly treated the brown marks for 3 days with 10% benzoyl peroxide and it lightened up a lot. I stopped the benzoyl peroxide treatment at that point because I didn't want to bleach the vinyl out and and at this point, it's very hard to see. I suspect you could make the mark disappear entirely with more treatment -- it's hard to see now.

She has red marks on a finger on her right hand, right leg, and right arm, visible in the photos. I have treated the mark on her hand only, because it was small and I wanted to see how the vinyl reacted. After about a month of treatment the mark has lightened up a great deal on her finger and the vinyl does no seem to be adversely affected. Therefore, I expect with treatment, the other marks will lighten up as well and/or possibly go away entirely, but I cannot guarantee this. By purchasing this doll you are assuming the risk that the stains may not go away and/or that treating the doll for stains may cause other issues.

She has a couple pinholes on her right hand, see photos.

As this is a used, vintage, doll there may be other issues that I missed. Please ask if you have any questions. 

Overall, this is a really nice doll who needs some work. She's a great starter doll for somebody who wants a project. Price reflects condition (and the need for a quick sale; I know I could get a lot more for her if I finished the restoration work myself, but I have an infected wisdom tooth that has to go.) 

She will be shipped signature required for both my protection and yours, with insurance, via first class mail anywhere in the US.

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